Manufactured & Mobile Homes

What is a manufactured home?

Redman Homes, Lindsay, California, manufactured homes

“Single-wide mobile homes,” “double-wide mobile homes” — that’s what manufactured homes used to be called. And while a great many words can be used to describe today’s exceptional manufactured homes, we narrowed the list down to six.

#1: Quality

Our manufactured homes are built in a controlled factory environment where our highly trained technicians, craftsmen and assemblers work together to ensure that every residence meets your high standards. All of our homes undergo more than 35 quality inspections throughout the construction process.

#2: Affordability

Redman Homes provides affordable alternatives to site-built homes. Credit our process and commitment to remaining on the cutting-edge of cost-saving innovations. We believe that every prospective Redman Homes customer deserves the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

#3: Efficient

Our homes are energy efficient, but they’re also resource efficient. Creating designs that efficiently utilize resources, and efficiently using materials developed from resources, maximizes construction quality while reducing the demand for vital natural resources.

It also means reducing jobsite waste by creating an effective construction waste management plan, leveraging available recycling facilities and taking advantage of markets for recyclable materials. Efforts such as these allow us to reduce waste by at least two-thirds, reducing the burden on landfill space.

#4: Choice

Whether you’re looking for a park model RV, a single-section manufactured home or a multi-section manufactured home, we have affordable options waiting for you.

Like site-built homes, our homes offer plenty of floor plans and amenities. You can also find stylish features such as tray ceilings, recessed lighting, custom cabinet applications, large family rooms with entertainment centers and more.

#5: Approval

Redman homes are engineered and constructed to the strict specifications of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s federal building code. That’s a high bar to clear, so you can rest assured that when it comes to the toughest of inspections, your new home passes with flying colors.

#6: Protection

Because our materials, tools, craftsmen – our entire process – reside in a bright, clean, climate-controlled plant, every part of your home, from the front door to the bathroom sink, receives protection from weather-related damage, vandalism and other hazards that can diminish the homebuilding experience for everyone involved.